Peace Concert

This, the 10th Hiroshima Peace Concert, also happens to fall on
the 50th year since the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima,
and so I feel that this is an apt year to bring this series of concerts to an end.
Japan is the only nation in the world to have suffered a nuclear attack,
and we musicians have gathered here in Hiroshima each year
for the past ten years to call for an end to nuclear weapons.
The world has gone through some cataclysmic events during
those ten years the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union,
the ending of apartheid in South Africa, the Gulf War,
the Tiananmen Square massacre, the civil war in Bosnia and many other events.
People have repeatedly and tragically gone to war in the name of peace.
And every time they do, women and children who have taken no part in the killing,
and indeed the Earth itself, have suffered deep injury.
The history of mankind will not end this century, but will continue through our children,
and their children too, hopefully forever. And we shall continue to sing,
and continue to pray for the emergence of a world with no war,
and no nuclear weapons, a world where humans live together in peace and trust.
I offer my sincere thanks to everyone ~ the musicians, support staff,
and our audiences ~ who has participated in these concerts over this decade under the banner of Peace.
We shall never forget Hiroshima,
August 6th ~ the day that the first ever nuclear weapon was used against humanity.

(By Kosetsu Minami, from the 1995 concert pamphlet)


August 5 & 6, 1986

Hiroshima Shudo University



Earthshaker, Alfee, Anri, Iruka, ARB, Echoes, Osman Sankon, Guo Feng, Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Carla Bonoff, Graham Nash, Hitoshi Komuro, Kazuo Zaitsu, Masashi Sada, The Rockband, J.D. Souther, Sion, Zigzag, Sho Gyo Sho (???), Jiro Sugita, Stiffany, Cho Gyo Ki (???), Yong Pil Cho, David Lindley, Triad, Ryoko Nakano, Bakufu-Slump, Hurbs, 44 Magnum, Bread & Butter, Kosetsu Minami, Kotaro Yamamoto, Rats & Star, Laughin' Nose


August 5 & 6, 1987

Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall

Donation revenue: JPY 70,324,007


Up Beat, Anzen Chitai, Ryudo Uzaki, Echoes, Yasuyuki Okamura, Yutaka Ozaki, Osman Sankon, Toshinobu Kubota and Mother Earth, Kent Derricott, Yasunobu Komatsu, Motoharu Sano, Sun Plaza Nakano, Sion, Zigzag, Takako Shirai and Crazy Boys, The Street Sliders, The Blue Hearts, The Red?s, Twist, Naomi Nomoto, Hound Dog, Barbee Boys, Hillbilly Bops, Kosetsu Minami, Kotaro Yamamoto, Red Warriors, Misato Watanabe


August 5 & 6, 1988

Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall

Donation revenue: JPY 31,632,037


Up Beat, Anri, ARB, Echoes, Off Course, Toshinobu Kubota and The Amazons, Masahiro Kuwana, Nobuhide Saki, The Shamrock, The Heart, The Blue Hearts, Sion and The Noise, Zigzag, Makoto Sekiguchi, Masanori Sera, The Timers, Mariko Nagai, Hound Dog, Bakufu-Slump, Personz, Bee-Public, Kosetsu Minami, Manabu Miyahara, Kotaro Yamamoto, Loudness, Ryudogumi, Look, Leonard Kuma, Red Warriors


August 5 & 6, 1989

Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall

Donation revenue: JPY 31,612,852


Up Beat, Makihiko Araki, Ann Lewis, Kazuhiko Iguchi, Mami Katagiri, Seiji Katsu, Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Come On Baby, Koji Tamaki, The Timers, The Pepper Boys, Ziggy, Zigzag, Jun Sky Walker(s), Dove, Tops, Dreams Come True, Mariko Nagai, Hound Dog, Bakufu-Slump, Barbee Boys, Kyosuke Himuro, Satomi Matsushita, Kosetsu Minami, La-Ppisch, Rogue


August 5 & 6, 1990

Hiroshima (Miel Parque Hall Hiroshima)


Mitsuzo Ishii, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, The B.B.B., Masanori Sera, Naomi Nomoto, Hound Dog, By-Sexual, P.J. with Sly & Robbie


August 6 & 7, 1991

Miel Parque Hall Hiroshima

Donation revenue: JPY 1,753,922


Up Beat, Kazuhiko Iguchi, Mitsuzo Ishii, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, Ingry?s, Kiyoshiro Imawano & Ni-sans, Seiji Katsu, Kusu-Kusu, Manabu Sakuma, The Kids, The B.B.B., Sion, Takako Shirai, Masanori Sera, Takayuki Takemoto, Tracy, Hound Dog, Bread & Butter, Masatoshi Mashima, Kosetsu Minami, Mojo Club, Rachen Boy Club, Rinken Band


August 5 & 6, 1992

Hiroshima Kosei Nenkin Kaikan

Donation revenue: JPY 6,000,292


Mitsuzo Ishii, Shozo Ise, Masaki Ueda, Takako Shirai, Sachiko Suzuki, Hirofumi Bamba, Hound Dog, Motoyoshi Hosotsubo, Kosetsu Minami, Kazuya Miyata


August 5 & 6, 1993

Hiroshima Kosei Nenkin Kaikan

Donation revenue: JPY 1,534,168


Mitsuzo Ishii, Shigeru Izumiya, Carlos Nakai, Takako Shirai, Yasuko Naito, Ayumi Nakamura, Hound Dog, Bubblegum Brothers, Kosetsu Minami, Lasalle Ishii and Bally Bin Bin


August 9, 1994

Hiroshima Kosei Nenkin Kaikan

Donation revenue: JPY 4,094,593


Mitsuzo Ishii, Taichi Imanishi, Takako Shirai, Hideaki Tokunaga, Hound Dog, Kosetsu Minami


August 6, 1995

Hiroshima Kosei Nenkin Kaikan

Donation revenue: JPY 1,244,105


Mitsuzo Ishii, Kazumasa Oda, Takako Shirai, Hideaki Tokunaga, Shogo Hamada, Toshihiko Furumura, Hound Dog, Kosetsu Minami

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